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Meet the Creators 

Since its opening in 1980, Medina Berry Farm has brought fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables to Bay Area local markets. The farm stretches over 28 beautiful acres of land, in Watsonville, California, cultivating a wide variety of crops ranging from strawberries to squash and peas. Like many of Farmer’s Market stands, Medina Berry Farm is a family run business, now reaching its fourth generation of Medinas! Originally, the Medinas came from Hollisco, a small city in Mexico. After immigrating to the United States in the early 1960s, the Medinas were able to incorporate many of their farming techniques and traditions from back home. Through their family-oriented team and close-knit work environment, the farm has been able to produce delectable crops for the public to enjoy, while also keeping their family traditions alive. 

Farmers Illustration
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